A MICCAI 2020 Tutorial


Public Cancer Imaging Data Repositories for Biomedical Data Science Research

Date: Oct 8

Time: 10 am EST (2 pm UTC)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI), of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has made significant investments in creation and development of public data repositories to enable and promote sharing and secondary analysis of cancer imaging data through an open science approach. Since its inception in 2011, The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) has provided the imaging research community with a stable and reliable resource for sharing de-identified clinical radiology (DICOM), and more recently digital pathology images of a variety of cancers. A growing number of collections in TCIA contain clinical metadata, annotations and third party analysis results.

Recently NCI has launched the Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC), an enterprise of cloud-based data repositories and resources dedicated to key information modalities in cancer research (including genomics, proteomics, and imaging) to provide the research community with a virtual and expandable infrastructure to enable cross-domain data analysis and archival. Adhering to FAIR principles in cancer informatics, CRDC aims to further enable innovations in data science in oncology. Imaging Data Commons (IDC), the imaging node in CRDC, due for public release in October 2020, will connect researchers with image collections from TCIA and beyond, through a robust infrastructure containing metadata, image-derived data (segmentations, annotations, and image based analysis results), allowing image browsing and connectivity to Cloud Resources for image computation, data analysis, and archival of the results.

This tutorial aims to familiarize the attendees with TCIA, IDC, their similarities and differences in features and capabilities, including search, browsing, downloading (through TCIA), viewing and cohort collection (through IDC), and cloud computation through the NCI Cloud Resources.

The learning objectives of this tutorial include:
  1. To learn about the NCI public image repositories, their similarities and differences.
  2. To learn about the capabilities and features offered by each repository.
  3. To be able to search for and identify imaging collections of interest and prepare them for further analysis.


Overall introduction - Keyvan Farahani | 5 min

Session 1: The Cancer Imaging Archive (TCIA) | 50 min

Coffee break | 15 min

Session 2: Imaging Data Commons (IDC) | 50 min

Summary and wrap-up - Keyvan Farahani | 10 min